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tłumaczenia techniczne i specjalistyczne warszawa
Technical translation,conference interpretation, proofreading, editing
From/into European and non European languages

Technical and specialized translations are done carefully with respect to the specific language. In each language we have specialists in a particular field (e.g. medicine, law, banking, finance - see the subject list) who will make your text right for the Polish market by using appropriate Polish idioms and conventions. 
Proofreading and editing of texts to be published both in Polish and foreign languages will be done by native speakers who are experienced in editorial work. Whatever you wish to publish: a flyer, a professional catalogue, a training/advertising video or www page, we will provide you with a professional editorial service. 
C- we provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in various languages as well as the necessary technical equipment and technicians' support. Professional and experienced interpreters and technicians will look after the voice transmission, guaranteeing a successful conference. Apart from the simultaneous interpretation, we can translate and print the conference materials. 
Delivery of the text for translation is very easy - you can send it via e-mail. In return, we will provide you with an approximate estimate of the cost and the time we need for the translation: 
Languages - Polish to/from: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese and many others. 
List of specific subjects: Accountancy, Administration, Advertising, Agriculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Banking, Business Management, Ceramics, Chemistry, Commerce, Computers, Cultural Affairs, Ecology, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environment Protection, Film Scripts, Finance, Geography, Geology, History, History of Art, Humanities, Industry, Insurance, Laboratory Instrumentation, Law, Linguistics, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Metallurgy, Military Service, Mining, Music, Nuclear Power, Optics, Petroleum Technology, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Politics, Psychiatry, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Software, Telecommunications, the Arts, Theology, Transport, Veterinary Medicine, Wines and Spirits.

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