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Polish for VIP's 
Polish for business 
Polish for the expatriates' families 
Polish for foreign husbands and wives 
Polish for international students
Executive Group Program - designed to satisfy the demand for business Polish. The course content is structured to ease the executive into life in Poland and promote active use of Polish in the office and socially. 
Managers' Individual Program - course contents promote active use of Polish in a relevant business context, for example: presentation, negotiation, participation in meetings and every day situations in the office and in social life. VIP program - see below 
  • Expatriate Program - designed to introduce executives' families, especially wives, to the Polish lifestyle; to encourage active use of Polish in everyday situations, both at home and out of doors. The main idea of the program is to make it easier for families to assimilate in new surroundings, make their everyday life easier, help them to feel safe in case of emergency, when they have to call for help. Apart from the practical usage of the language, it is aimed at helping them to get in contact with Polish people, make friends and have an enjoyable stay in Poland. 
  • Program for foreign wives and husbands - with mixed marriages and international families occurring more and more often in Poland, the course focuses on the daily routine and on family contacts, like meeting new family and relations, getting in touch with partners' friends. The course also introduces Polish customs, traditions and cultural conventions. At the advanced level, historical, economic and cultural information is included. 
Foreign Students' Program - designed for students who want to enter Polish universities (program preparing for studying in Poland) as well as for those who have been studying in Poland for a period of time and need to master their Polish, wish to advance their knowledge of Polish literature, history, culture or politics, economy, etc. Program for international students focuses on development of conversation, writing and comprehension skills. The course includes: the study of various texts including newspapers and literature, improvement of writing skills and development of powers of discussion. 
Touring Poland with language training - is the program for students who want to discover Poland. We organize students' weekend trips with language training. Travel time is used for intensive learning and students practice their Polish during sightseeing by doing special tasks (like making interviews, getting information from the tourist office, preparing photo-reports, etc.
Program for the Academic Researcher and lecturer - designed for academics that do research on Poland or are involved in a project in co-operation with Polish institutions. The program focuses on developing the power of discussion, presentation and on comprehension. The student can choose specialized texts to read and discuss together with the tutor. Students who are advanced in Polish can develop their writing skills, especially in academic style. 
(leaders, diplomats, consultants, representatives of international institutions) 
Courses are profiled to meet the particular client's needs: flexible schedule, program adapted to the branch, his/her position at work and the communicative challenges he/she has to face in his/her professional life and in social contacts. Lessons are held at the client's convenience or at the school. The subject of the lessons depends on the client's interests and needs.
Intensive sessions outside Warsaw in order to speed up the process of learning. Usually these are intensive weekend training sessions or longer crash courses of up to two weeks. The courses are held in the loveliest places in Poland or in recreation centers near Warsaw, to make the training more enjoyable. Golf, yoga or other activities between intensive sessions produce very good results as a result of combining lessons in the classroom with practical conversation in a natural language environment. The time spent with the two tutors is an invaluable experience and the most effective way of learning the language in a short time. It gives the feeling of 'total immersion' from arrival to departure. Especially the yoga program can help in concentration by bringing the body to a state of deep relaxation, which creates ideal conditions for absorbing new knowledge. 
Polish for professionals/specialists - individually designed for special purposes, this program contains an adapted vocabulary for a specific discipline, specialized texts and documents to be read and discussed. The focus is on understanding the texts, being able to talk about them and present one's opinion. The course prepare the client to be able to write official papers (reports, projects, proposals, presentation), follow discussions, run meetings, write speeches, talk in public, read and answer correspondence. 
Polish for Diplomats - designed for the Diplomatic Service and people wishing to learn more about diplomatic protocol and etiquette to be observed in diplomatic and official contacts. The program covers Polish history, culture, customs, tradition, politics, media, and the economy. Conversation skills are improved, particularly for presentations and taking part in press conferences. 

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