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Polish for foreigners

  • Professionally qualified linguists and teachers have developed a series of detailed programmes which are executed to the highest standard, satisfying the demands of the European Council. 
  • Academia Polonica offers 8 levels of courses, ranging from complete beginners to advanced. 
Survival Polish - a programme for complete beginners which comprises basic vocabulary and expressions necessary for every day communication and situations. Basic vocabulary 200-500 words. 
Communication - a comprehensive course for beginners. Emphasis is placed on language skills for practical communication. The programme introduces foreigners to Polish life and language with elements of Polish culture, traditions, and life style. Students are prepared to make themselves understood in daily situations. Techniques for asking questions and obtaining information are developed and vocabulary is extended to 700 words. Basic grammar is introduced in a practical way.
Elementary - this programme introduces students to the Polish language system, equips them with a basic vocabulary of about 1500 words and gives them a practical knowledge of Polish grammar. It prepares them to hold conversation on general topics, read and write simple texts, ask questions, establish rapport and generally express themselves in a simple way. 
Breaking Waves - this programme develops vocabulary (up to 3000 words) and a practical knowledge of Polish grammar. Students practise conversation skills, especially in expressing intentions. The programme introduces the reading of newspapers and listening to TV, to extend students' comprehension and writing abilities. 
Confidence - a programme which includes extensive vocabulary (up to 5000 words) and grammar to make students feel confident in speaking. It develops reading, listening and writing skills. It prepares students to follow a normal conversation and read and listen to news stories in the media.
Development - students are trained to achieve more freedom in using the language system. Different styles of speech and expressive forms are presented. Students are prepared to use an appropriate style of speaking depending on the situation and intention. Students develop their creativity in speaking and writing and extend their vocabulary up to 7000 words. 
Proficiency Level - Polish for advanced students. This programme extends vocabulary up to 10000 words and grammar (word-formation, more complicated syntax, specifically Polish expressions and idioms). It prepares students to think in Polish, read general and specialised texts and write longer compositions. 
Fluency Level - a Programme which extends vocabulary and grammar, especially syntax, to reach the level of a native speaker. 

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