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Academia Polonica
Polish Language School owned and managed by Ewa Masłowska
PhD Awarded the certificate of customer satisfaction

Polish for foreigners - Polish for business
 Polish for diplomats, Polish for representatives of European Institutions,  Polish for business consultants, managers, Polish for foreign wives and husbands, Polish for international students  
Polish for VIP's 
Intercultural Sessions
After 13 years of experience in introducing foreigners to Polish life and language, we know that you and your associates are busy people and need to learn Polish in the shortest possible time and in the most effective way. That's why it is essential to provide you with a Polish language course run by experienced professionals and supported by carefully designed programs profiled for communicative situations you will have to face at work and outdoors. To save your time, we can provide in-house tuition, but lessons can also be held at our facility in downtown Warsaw. 
Short communication-oriented courses in Polish are divided into 60-lessons programs. Depending on the time you wish to invest in your Polish lessons and your preferences as to the intensity of learning, we provide several courses, at all levels, individually and in small groups. 
  • Crash courses: 6 lessons per day within two weeks. Each training day consists of two sessions: a morning 3 x 45' session and an afternoon 3 x 45' session after the lunch break. It is an ideal course for people who have to learn Polish in a short time.
  • Intensive 4 week courses: 3 x 45' lessons per day (with a coffee break). This is recommended for people who wish to have results in a short time, but do not like to study all day long.
  • Regular classes from 2 to 3 times per week. The program is designed for those who have no time for intensive training or do not like it. The course duration is 15 weeks.
Programs comply with the Common European Framework of References for Languages and are focused on developing your language competence by active learning. In line with the standards, we speak Polish during the lessons. The tutors apply all new techniques to make it easy for you to assimilate the language in a broad cultural context. Since the courses are oriented toward effective communication, grammar is presented in a practical way. 
The cultural code - to protect you against cultural shock the tutor places special attention on language behavior, particularly in conventional situations, when the differences could cause real problems and misunderstanding. A knowledge of the cultural code will help you cross cultural barriers. 
Diagnosis of the language needs: prior to the course start, we will send you a questionnaire to help you specify the skills you would like to achieve. The tutor will also discuss with you all problems and topics you would like to include in your individual program. 
Referrals and Certifications: we were twice awarded with the certificate "The Highest Quality Training Company" by the Data Group on the basis of an analysis of the Customers' opinions. In 2010, we were also distinguished by the Certificate of Customer Satisfaction. 
The Tutor's Team of Academia Polonica has developed a program for self-study called "Polski bez problemu". These are two volumes: Vol. 1 (level A1_A2) and Vol. 2 (level B1). The third volume for B2-C1 levels will be published soon. 
  • A1-A2 elementary level 
  • A2-B1 intermediate level 
Polski bez problemu+ 
It is an extensive self-study textbook with a CD-ROM course and a set of MP3 recordings to be played independently. 
Available also as an on line course! Try it:
Details: Two different ways of the language contact boost learning process effectiveness. You can thumb through the textbook on a tram or a bus, while listening to dialogues and lists of vocabulary recorded by the Polish native speakers.
  • innovative textbook divided into chapters
  • fully voiced multimedia course with over 2,500 exercises and explanations 
  • MP3 files with recordings of all dialogues, texts, words and expressions made by professional Polish speakers to listen to e.g. in a car or on a bus - 130 minutes of recordings!
Learn Fast and Forget About Forgetting
Apart from this set, there are two other course books written by a teacher of our school Marzena Kowalska: 
  • "Polish in 4 weeks" (Rea ed.) by Marzena Kowalska (available in English, Russian and Spain language versions) 
  • "Polish for business" (Universitas ed.) by Marzena Kowalska :

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