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Academia Polonica
Polish Language School & Translation Agency run and owned by Ewa Maslowska PhD.

Warsaw summer courses in Polish

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Polski. Bez problemu! 
Set of 3 Polish courses, from elementary to advanced level. basic, intermediate, advanced) 
We are pleased to put at your disposal over 7000 vocabulary and grammar exercises in a form of 36 extensive lessons. When learning with the course, you can improve your language skills, such as understanding written text, listening, correct pronunciation and practical grammar usage, and also effectively memorise all the course vocabulary.
Polish for foreigners - Polish for business - Polish for fun
 Since 1997 Academia Polonica has provided courses in Polish for foreign managers, diplomats, consultants, representatives of European Institutions, and international students. Knowing Polish  help  them  build good partnership relations -- with clients, partners and associates -- beyond cultural differences. Their effort in language assimilation equips them for success, makes them more efficient in the workplace and makes their life easier and more comfortable. Even a few words or phrases in Polish work as an ice breaker and foreigners know that it is the golden key that opens all doors. 
Cross cultural sessions are addressed not only to the diplomats and company leaders, but also to international staff. Intercultural awareness helps in co-operation within international corporations and is a very important tool for the leader who is supposed to be a facilitator of all kinds of interpersonal communication.
Translation and interpretation: in order to help develop good relations between Polish and foreign businesses and cultural contacts, Academia Polonica has introduced a translation service from/into European and non-European languages. We provide both TECHNICAL AND SPECIAIZED TRANSLATION of various texts and SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION at conferences as well as CONSECUTIVE TRANSLATION for training sessions, seminars and business meetings.
Conference service incorporates: technical equipment and support, simultaneous interpretation and translation of seminar materials as well as the printing and delivery of documents to the conference venue.
Thanks to the Customers' opinions, we have been distinguished by the "Excellence Award". Our customers' satisfaction is the most valuable prize for us, so we find this award particularly important and feel obliged to meet your expectations.
Academia Polonica
Polish language school for foreigners owned and run by Ewa Maslowska PhD
and Translation Agency  from/into European and noneuropean languages

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